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For years our team has been active in the field of selling Dollars, Euros, and Pounds of pre-shred cash whose serial number (registry code) has been invalidated,  But 100% safe to use as they’re legal tender whose serial numbers have been discarded from the systems before they’re scheduled for destruction

Used Cash Is Shredded

Every Year, A percentage of currency is destroyed by national banks for example an estimated. 722 million in 2015 in the US. If a bill has holes totaling more than 19 square millimeters, about the size of an aspirin, it’s unfit. Dirty and worn out bills are also sorted out with sensors.

The Central Bank removes the serial numbers (registry codes) on these banknotes before shredding them, subsequently withdrawing them from their respective financial circulations. These banknotes are then removed from their countries, Some quantities of the pre-shred cash are destroyed and some quantities are sold at a reduced price to central banks in nations such as South Africa, Libya, and Kenya. These countries, in turn, store these banknotes in their own institutions

Why we shred 1 million in cash every hour 
Banknote Management 

Banknote Recycling 

We Acquire Cash Before It’s Shredded

Our team as access to an almost limitless supply cash marked for disposal and we siphon the best bills every time before they’re destroyed or exported to third world counties 

We Acquire these devalued banknotes before they can be shredded and sometimes at a favorable rate with the help of our acquaintances within these banks and offer them to our valued customers at a respectable profit margin, ensuring a lucrative return on our investments

We Have A Problem

 We are only able to siphon small amounts of cash at a time to avoid detection.
This is mainly because large amounts of cash are difficult to withdraw and move discretely due to scheduling, weight, size and concealability issues. We would withdraw several hundred million and disappear forever but that’s a stupid thing to do as it’ll make it very easy for our team to be spotted.
it’s very dangerous for us if we want to convert & spend these large sums as hard cash., So we only spend small amounts oursleves.

We Need Help

We want to maintain access to our cash source and don’t want to get caught so we sell preshred cash in exchange for Cryptocurrency, that way its easier for us to spend & move huge amounts ourselves without detection.
When you buy, we’ll mail this cash to whatever address you wish in exchange for your bitcoins & other cryptocurrency. 

Buy Real Money With No Risk For You

There is absolutely no risk for those that buy Pre-shred cash from us. No one knows we have them and no one knows their serial numbers. For both of our protection we don’t keep any records whatsoever. Furthermore buying cash is not illegal. It’s crucial to emphasize that this information remains strictly confidential, with no mention on any news website.

buy preshred cash procedure
The procedure TO BUY REAL MONEY

How to order Pre-shred Cash Online

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First, place your order. You can start the process by selecting your desired currency below, and then choose the amount of money you would like to purchase. From there on, you will be directed to our payment system, which will walk you through the process of confirming your order. Use an Active Email Because We'll Send you Confirmation With Important Details About Your Order

Pay For Your Order

Once you've confirmed your order, you will be directed to the last step in the ordering process which is sending the exact amount of Bitcoin to the Bitcoin address specified on the payment page or emailed to you. Once you’ve sent your Bitcoin to the specified Bitcoin address, you will receive confirmation via email


Once the transaction has been fully confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation shortly after that will include your EMS, UPS or DHL tracking number for your order. Delivery time & estimated arrival times will be communicated to you. You'll receive either an envelope or box depending on the size of your order. no signature will be required. Open the package and find your money. We try our best to conceal & disguise it with random objects so it may take some time to locate it, but we'll give you all the info regarding the packaging. Visit our Delivery page for more details. Enjoy!

Buy Pre-shred Cash

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Order Frequency

Once you purchase, you must wait 7 days until submitting & paying for another order. This policy of ours helps protect you & us from international customs, if they begin to receive daily international packages going to one address. They may become suspicious and open the package. By keeping this policy in place, international customs will not open your package & you will receive your money without any risks or problems. So do not be Stupid and try to use another IP or identity to make multiple orders. You’ll only attract problems for yourself