Other “Pre-Shred” sellers.

Not Everyone can steal from the Central Banks like we do. It’s just not possible. So how can other sites sell ‘pre-shred’ cash? Here is how and why: We sell other sites ‘pre-shred’ cash in bulk for them to resell. We only sell them the shittiest cash that we do not want.

So why buy from us and not them? The cash you buy from other sites is in such bad condition it might not work at ATM’s, Machines or at banks. It’s shitty thats why we sold it to them in bulk. 100% of our cash will work at banks and ATM’s.

If they are offering other currencies like RUB, AUD, YEN, etc.. then they are handling by paying us to complete the order. So your package of money will ship from one of our people if you buy from other companies. It’s fine if you want to do this. But we never provide support for buyers who use other websites. We only provide support for those who buy from us. If you buy from another site and if there is a problem with the shipment we will not help.

Sites stealing from our new buyers

There are many other sites that have “Copied” our site. Either they one-by-one copy it or they steal our content. They did this to steal from people trying to buy products from us. If we think about this logically, one of the sites MUST be legit and real because many others exist to fraud the truthful site. In other words, people are using the trust built from the real site (us (thenotesking)) to fraud new buyers with their fraud site. We can not do anything about it. And we can not call the police to fix the situation because we are criminals. If you find any website copying our content please report to us so we can handle it the right way. We’re the legit site. Buy from those other sites and you’ll get fucked. How do you know we’re the real site?

1. Compare the sites.

Ok, maybe you aren’t so tech-savvy but try to take a look behind the scene.

  • Most copies are made by script kiddies, so they won’t really know how the web works. You can identify them:
    • If they made use of JavaScript or prompt you to enable it. JavaScript works client-side, we disable that by default, because it can collect information about your system. A professionals service will never use JavaScript.

Why are we telling you so much about this? Make a logical thought. This site here (thenotesking.com) is a top-notch professional. We hired the best programmers on the to make our site safe, performant and scaleable. We paid over $50,000 to give our clients the best experience while remaining safe. Who can pay this amount for a website? Only the real notes king. Our site:

  • you have a Bitcoin Live Price,
  • you can make an order directly on the site which accelerated the process,
  • you can always look up your order which is NOT stored in any Database (other techniques are used),
  • you have always the overview about our inventory,
  • and many other features.