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Buy Real Australian Dollars – Pre-Shred Cash

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You Receive: AUD 8,500.

You Pay: AUD 1500

Profit: +400 %


You Receive: AUD 57,000

You Pay: AUD 4500

Profit: +1082 %


You Receive: AUD 95.000

You Pay: AUD 6.500

Profit: +1361 %

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Please read through the important Warnings & Notes below.

Important Warnings & Notes

  • Legal Warning: Our cash is 100% safe & anonymous. NO COUNTERFEITS – We sell real MONEY. – Buy Real Dollars – Buy Preshred Cash -100% Risk free.
    However if you spend or deposit more than $ 10,000 at once you will attract government attention. We are NOT responsible for any investigations that are caused by careless spending. If you are investigated – never admit to buying stolen cash and the investigation should pass without issue. We do not cooperate with authorities. There are no other concerns with spending this cash besides this warning.
  • Shipping Address & Name: Most buyers use a real first OR last name and real address. Never tell us how the address is related to you. All personal information is purged/deleted after each shipment. Your address will be stored PGP encrypted by Bitpay.
  • Tracking #: Tracking #’s are emailed to you after payment. They typically update slowly for the first 12-24 hours please do not be discouraged.
  • Shipment Time: Your package will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. We ship with DHL or UPS from Monday-Saturday. Shipping Times depends on destination country.
    Overnight express is optional.
  • Packaging & Labeling: Small orders are shipped inside magazines or binders, Large orders are shipped in boxes with labeling to appear like an Amazon package. Additional stealth precautions are taken that we don’t publicly share. Please let us know if you have special requirements.
  • Purchasing Bitcoin: See below methods:
    1. My suggested bitcoin buying method is using: – Video Guide here
    2. If is not supported in your country i recommend you to try or
    • Anonymous Payment (Not Required):  We take precautions to
      remove all connections between the bitcoin, you, and us. If you want to
      take extra precautions you can send your bitcoins through a ‘mixer’ or
      ‘laundry’ service to a clean Bitcoin address, like an Electrum Wallet. Where you then send it, from there, to us.

E-mail Information We suggest you do not use clear net email providers (gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo, etc) to purchase items on the dark net, you are not anonymous if you do. We suggest you get a free ProtonMail account. ProtonMail uses encryption technology that stores your emails in a way that they cant read them even if a court ordered them to do so. Its 10000% safer than using a clear net provider. You can access your email through a TOR gateway too!